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0414 • Let Go & Free Flow

Am I preventing my own growth to avoid leaving certain thing or people behind? The answer is yes. There are people, places, and things I’ve grown too comfortable with. I know deep down that as I evolve and cultivate more for myself, the things I’ve subconsciously attached to would eventually, fall out of alignment. I am hesitant, yet still accepting of this. Getting caught up in the potential something possesses, turns my vision rose-tinted. I find myself trying to see the good in everybody , expecting that they’ll feel as deeply as i do. I expect that they’ll always see the same hue of blue, or shade of gray that im seeing. This leads me to lowering, and even completely getting rid of expectations. I can’t EXPECT anything, considering everything surrounding me has free will. Im still learning that my ideals, my ways of navigation, my thought processes, are all unique to who I am. Just because I WANT certain energies to align , doesn’t mean they NEED to, or that they will. There are moments in time, when I get in this headspace of holding onto energy, because of how much I’ve grow in its company. This isn’t a reason to hold onto something, but an opportunity to reflect and continue forward. Its like floating on your back in the middle of the ocean. Yes, it’s a good resting position along the voyage, but sooner or later you’ll have to turn onto your belly and swim good. I constantly remind myself that the same potential I see in others, is simply a reflection of my own. At times, I wish I could bring these energies along the ride but it has to be innerstood that they no longer resonate with who I am, who I am becoming.

While new doors open, I must close the ones from previous chapters as well. Healthy detachment from my ego’s desires will serve as the necessary guide to new people, new places, new energies that elevate me on a soul level. For my soul’s purpose. From healthy detachment, I will be introduced to energy that meets me where I am, so I don’t have to stoop to be understood. My soul requires release, and I’m ready to be free.

- teyeshai

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