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10 of Swards

It was never guaranteed nor certain but after

A long awaited winter, we knew when enough was enough.

I’m not ashamed to say that I felt a type of way

Hence why I peeped the game and still found the courage to stay.

I thought by sharing my empathetic gifts it would give your spirit a lift but you weren’t ready to rise so, my efforts worked to my demise.

I could’ve stayed and let it simmer a little longer,

Yet somehow, with all that fire you couldn’t

withstand the heat, even with your great amounts of armour. I decided I would not wait, I wasn’t going to linger.

My gifts to you were for the present

But unfortunately you were so stuck in your past that

Your presence became so depressing.

I could’ve stayed, it’s my pride that wouldn’t allow you to be the one to leave. In my years of rest and gentle care, this became

A wound that would no longer bleed.

- teyeshai @teyeshai @indiyatyshai

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