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Advice Column 💌 Not Knowing Your Purpose or How to be Successful + Committing to Self Love.

Firstly thank you so much for trusting us with your truth.

Based off what you sent, I think it’s time for you to ask yourself if you’re living your current life for you or for validation and/or to please others? When I was in your shoes, I had to give myself an intervention. Who am I doing this for — is it for me or to please my parents and blend in with society? Why am I not passionate about this? Sometimes when we are not living our lives for ourselves yet allowing other people to live vicariously through us, and it’s impossible to stand in our truth.

You’re at a point where the only way is up, but how your life unfolds next is up to you. There’s going to be a phase in all of our lives where we are all we have. No matter who is on the outside advising or commentating. Your inner child is depending on who you are right now, to bring yourself out of this.

Assess yourself.

What do you feel is holding you back?

What is more important to you — healing yourself and finding your purpose or continuing the same cycle and choosing the struggle?

Life can be challenging sometimes for sure, but it doesn’t always have to be.

Sometimes we allow self-pity to step in where discipline should. You have to implement discipline. Discipline yourself to set up a date to get your license. Discipline yourself to create a budget with your earnings and search for an affordable car.

Those that have hurt you may never give you an apology, but you have the power to give them a place in your life or to cut them off/ keep them at a distance. High self-esteem and confidence is a journey of its own and you’ll get there.

You just have to get aggressive about changing your life around.

Success reveals itself in our daily routine.

How is our sleep patterns?

How are we eating?

What are we tending to when we wake up? How do we talk about ourselves?

Who are we surrounding ourselves with?

What steps are we taking to make a change within our lives?

What type of people are we following on social media? Is it positive, authentic, and successful people or people who just spew drama, celebrity gossip and low vibrational topics? If so, you have to remove anyone and anything, on social media and in real life who aren’t making a positive impact on your mindset and your life.

You got this, and we are all rooting for you!

from jada ❤️

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