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Advice Column 💌 Divine Timing + Gaining Confidence & Motivation to Take a Leap of Faith.

“God can show you the mountain top & not the path or the path & not the mountain top” - Michael Todd

In response to Laila 💌

Trust the divine process.

Take a step back, please don’t be so hard on yourself. You have to understand divine timing, & move at a pace in alignment to God & the Universe.

Try altering your perspective; your journey to revealing your purpose was a set up. God does a lot of work in the dark. You were “held up” for so long because you were being prepared & positioned. It’s okay to start over or to start “late”.

I saw a post saying ‘this time it won’t be from scratch, but from experience’.

Regardless, everyone’s path is unique, so your timing may be different than someone else’s.

You have to tap into your power, so you don’t end up paralyzed in your purpose. All answers & motivation are within you. Come to center with yourself, be present, & analyze what you can make out of the tools [lessons] you’ve been given up until this point, to get to where you’re wanting to go. Bet on yourself, & I bet you’ll win every time! Faith works in reverse, so whatever you’re wanting you’re building confidence in it by simply believing you can do it. Trust yourself to put in the work to be aligned & focused on your highest self. Trust God & the Universe’s provision. Be patient with yourself because this is a process, you have to exercise your faith & build up confidence.

Know that you deserve to see & experience new people & places, for you are always evolving into the best version of yourself, & outgrowing environments. You owe it to yourself to be the motivation you need to make moves best for you. Decide that where you are now isn’t enough because you can have it all!

Some affirmations to journal everyday :)

I honor my growth.

I am at the right place at the right time.

I was not set back I was set UP.

Divine timing over my planning.

I let faith arise on the inside of me.

I am capable of maintaining faith.

I let go of limiting beliefs.

I will put my faith in motion.

I am prepared for both sides of the plan.

I am powerful.

I am all knowing.

I don’t hope I will do it, I KNOW i will do it.

I am committed to showing up as my higher self.

Pay attention to angel numbers! If you see 222 or 111 that’s your support + guidance relating to your situation.


micayla < 3

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