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Advice Column Response 💌 Building Body Confidence & Tapping Into Your Sensuality.

As someone who’s been struggling with body issues and sensuality for quite some time, the biggest thing for me was to realize that whatever body type you have is simply OKAY. It’s okay to not look like the standard; it’s okay for your body to look different because it’s yours.

I don’t know if you are trying to lose any weight or anything, but if you are something that would help, is to stop romanticizing about what you think you would feel and look like after you reach your dream body. Learn to love your body now for as it is, so no matter how it changes you still feel confident within it. And not to say that you’re not allowed to feel down when your pant size changes, or your favorite shirt becomes too small because those feelings are definitely valid. But remember that change is okay, especially when dealing with your body. I feel we’ve been shown this unrealistic body image that your body is never going to change and you should try your best to maintain your weight, according to your weight and other ridiculous stuff. Your body is meant to fluctuate so simply embrace it.

When dealing with body image issues, I feel not knowing how to tap into your sensual/ sexual side go hand and hand. You first have to learn how to be confident and comfortable with your body by itself before you can become comfortable and confident with using it to please others or yourself.

So I give you a task, at least ONCE a week; I want you to look at yourself fully nude. Figure out what you do and don’t like and figure out the root of those things whether they be good or bad. Tell yourself you look good, even if you don’t always believe it because that’s okay as well. You’re not going to think you look great all the time anyways. If you can walk around naked, let your body feel all the spaces, feel all the spaces on your body. Allow yourself to feel as if, when you step into a room naked or not , your body is THEE hot stuff. And as you grow more comfortable do it this more times throughout the week. Each time giving your attention to something different on your body each day. Try loving your body as their individual pieces and then put them together if that’s easier to do.

Lastly, another task. Try lingerie or if not lingerie wear something that makes you feel sexy and sensual and take pictures. Allow your body to make all kinds of cool shapes and angles and just have fun with your body. Maybe do your hair and makeup even to put the whole look together. Give yourself the love and affection you know you may need. This exercise can also be used while being nude, but I feel using clothing at first may be more comfortable. Allow your head to be filled with many great things about your body, praise yourself for whatever you feel the most confident with when dealing with your body and whatever parts you don’t let them know that they are up next.

No longer bully your body, no more down talking about it, no more hiding it from the world or even yourself. Take this journey one day at a time because it’s definitely no walk in the park, but know in due time everything will come together!


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