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Advice Column Response 💌 Feelings of Inadequacy.


[“Lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.”]

More Often than not, it’s our childhood wounds that inhibit one’s inner turmoil of the mind.

Sit with it, sit with that feeling, and rather than tear yourself down in moments of vulnerability, redirect your mind with a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.

☀︎︎Shift your perspective, swap out one intrusive thought with one or more positive affirmations opposite of it-

Below are a few list of positive affirmations to replace thoughts of Inadequacy.

☀︎︎I’m sufficient enough in all I put my my mind to

☀︎︎I don’t have to be the absolute best in order to do the things I love and have interest in

☀︎︎Feelings of unworthiness are not my truth, they’re false narratives holding me from my untapped potential

For every few thoughts replaced, journal down reasons as to why you’re not automatically aligned with positive affirmations, and ask yourself why you allow such a deserving soul as yourself to align with the negatives.

If you can’t list any reasons for the negatives, then why believe them? Once you see how mentally exhausting it is for you to solely focus on feelings of inadequacy without any “valid” reasoning, you shouldn’t linger on them. Automatically hit “CTRL + ALT+ DEL.” Highly recommend checking out Micayla’s MM blog on it for more insight.

Think of those thoughts as an unsolicited opinion, something some random came up and gave to you. You’d say otherwise and would most likely give that person the time of day for it, right? Cause who are they to tell you who you are? If not yourself, you’d defend a friend of it were them in your shoes.

Be your friend, defend yourself.


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