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Advice Column Response 💌

To kacie,

Sometimes when we step into our purpose it isn’t then that confidence finds us, sometimes it meets us along the way. While confidence is important when embarking on a new journey/ path, what’s more important is faith. Faith picks up the slack when your confidence isn’t there. For a lot of us, faith is knowing that even when your confidence is low you know that no matter what you aren’t going to give up. Have faith and your confidence will come.

Also, if you have a feeling that you’ve been called to do more, know that that is your sign to do exactly that. Why settle? Why limit your potential? Why not go after more?

As cliché as it may sound, NOTHING is impossible. Just make sure that when you figure out what that “more” is that you’ve been called to do, that your “why” serves a higher purpose than what meets the flesh.

As always Kacie, we’re rooting for you, you’ve got this and know that someone who will inevitably be in your shoes, needs to hear your story. ❤️

-Jada Counts

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