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Advice Column Response 💌

[response to Dominique]

First, I want to say I’m so glad to hear that you’re okay after your accident. To be able to wall away from that situation is a blessing & deserving of so much gratitude. I know it’s mentally challenging to overcome, but if you try to focus on your gratitude towards it, you can refocus your mind to avoid drifting too deep into your negative thoughts. I’m not saying this to say avoid the “negative” thoughts all together, though. To overcome this you have to allow yourself to process it. From my personal experiences (I was in a rough accident in 2017), I know how overwhelming things feel dealing with the actual accident process on top of your own emotions regarding it. I would suggest releasing all of your emotions into a journal or your notes. The same way you just opened up to us, you can open up to yourself. You can’t keep running from your emotions or blowing them off with sleep, love. Allow yourself to feel, to process your emotions without demonizing them, & move forward from there. Baby steps! There’s a book called “Finding Gratitude: Simple Ideas That Can Change Your Life” by Nicole Perry & Rebekah Lipp that I just finished reading that really helped me shift my focus to positive thinking & show more gratitude even during hard times. I think it would be a really good first (baby) step for you. Wishing you well & sending lots of love. I’m thankful you’re still here after what you’ve been through.


micayla <3

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