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Advice Column 💌 Overcoming lack of support & fear... Step or stay?

In response to Diamonique

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Fear of failure will paralyze us and keep us stuck in time. I relate to you so heavily, when you’re a big dreamer you often will not get the support you’re looking for because people aren’t able to conceptualize how big of a dream that is. If they can’t see it for themselves they won’t see it for you, so it’s important that you don’t allow people to shrink you into their small perceptions. You are so much more powerful and in control than you know. You have the power to be a light in a room of darkness, you don’t have to succumb to the negative energy around you - rather - show them how to handle life with grace. Show them how to dream big AND make your dreams tangible. You’ll find that the same people who were once unsupportive will look to you as a guide in their life. Know that once you try it’s impossible for you to fail! I always look at life as a set of journeys. Where no path is “the wrong path”, there are infinite ways to success, you just have to take that first step. What if you try and maybe you don’t achieve what you initially wanted, but you’re led to something greater than you could’ve imagined? What if you try and you succeed? Have you thought of those possibilities? They are just as realistic as any other.

My favorite phrase is “On the other side of fear is the exact life you desire.”

Will you step or stay? Don’t let fear stop you from your destiny mamas! You’ll find once you start, the fear withers away. Wishing you best of luck on your newfound journey. Stay committed to the path.

- Mariah 🌿

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