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Alone but Not Lonely

I knew this day would come

When I would be alone and trapped with My thoughts

The never ending silence and the constant wear and tear of My emotions

I am tired

Facing who I really am when no one else is around

I sit and I stare around, the empty white walls just stare back

As My mind bounces from thought to thought, the good and the bad

Some days I feel okay and other days I don’t

But regardless, I push through, walking up to the bright sun shining in My face

I smile because I’m thankful that I’m here

I’ve never been a stranger to this loneliness

But what’s for Me, will come to Me

And patience has always been a virtue

Constantly rushing to the finish line, trying to find the missing pieces within

But little did I know, what I’m “missing” has always been right besides Me

Instead of watering My own grass to make it grow, I’m too busy looking for others to hold the watering can, expecting them to pour into Me…

And I will never feel whole, waiting on others to fill Me up and make Me into who I want to be

But I knew this day would come, when I am alone and trapped in My thoughts

This time, reflecting on all the good I am able to bring myself, the love and support I am able to give myself,

the self-compassion I allow for myself…

I am alone but not lonely, because through this isolation, I am loving myself and fulfilling my own expectations, and nothing could be more scared than that

Brey’ ✨ |


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