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Anytime, Anywhere.

Anywhere, Anytime written & researched by Micayla, Co-Founder & writer of Mental Maintenance. 

Anywhere, anytime. All it takes for a dandelion to grow is a pinch of soil or a crack in the sidewalk. 

Whenever I fall apart, I start over again -- with pure motivation like a dandelion, each time it’s noticed in someone’s yard, indicative of cutting the grass to rid them & the wild weeds. They regrow after time; if not in that same yard in another. So headstrong, I refuse to stop my growth even when I’m growing in environments overflowing with weeds. My parasol-like tuft detaches from me as I mature & end cycles, allowing me to drop new seeds of wisdom wherever the wind carries me next. 

I remember a time when I faulted the wind. Truth is, I was just unable to embrace the truth of what it is -- where the wind blows me next is where I am meant to embrace in that moment. It isn't always easy to honor the wind as the breath of the Earth, or as a partner to my heart each time I breathe in the wonders of this world. I was guided in meditation by the app CHANI, & it reminded me that, “every inhale is a new beginning; every exhale is the completion of a cycle. I am constantly in a continual process of exchange with life”. Rhythmic.

I used to feel hurt by the analogy of people cutting dandelions from their place of stillness. I used to say that they were unaware of the value a dandelion brings; they perceive it as one of the weeds. It seemed forceful until I was able to appreciate it as natural. In the soil I was before, there is now space for more life. Each time I mirror this imagery, my garden is picked free of weeds: pride, worry, unbelief, attachment, grief. I still flourish in difficult conditions because I trust my life’s unraveling, the ebbs & flows. Surrendered. 

Life is simply moving through (me). I plant the seed, “I trust the wisdom of my life”, into my mind & let it sprout through the soil of my being. I feel it being watered with my unconditional love & activated with my gratitude. Fruitful. 

Home is with me. Anywhere, anytime. Grounded. 

Emotional Healing Properties of Dandelions

A hobby of mine is researching flowers based on the emotional healing properties they offer, & creating bouquets to welcome in the healing I need. This information is resourced from the Flower Essence Resporatory: A Comprehensive Guide researched by Dr. Edward Bach & by the Flower Essence Society, written by Patricia K. & Richard K.

Dandelion can be useful to you if you are experiencing patterns of rigidness, tenseness, or stiffness. Also, if you are over-striving & hard-driving this flower can aid you to create balance. The positive qualities of this flower welcome inner ease in work & play, while creating a dynamic physical energy & expressive life force.

Quoted directly, “The soul needing Dandelion feels a natural intensity & love for life. Such individuals are compulsive “doers” who enter with great zeal & zest into many activities. Unfortunately, they can over-plan & over-form their lives beyond the natural capacity of the body to sustain such intensity. Furthermore, such persons may become unable to experience more contained moments of reflective activity. The unexpressed inner life of the soul & harsh demands on the body collide to create extreme tension, especially in the musculature. The Dandelion flower teaches these individuals how to listen more closely to emotional messages and bodily needs. As tension is released, the soul feels more inner ease & balance, allowing spiritual forces to flow through the body in a dynamic, effortless way (page 200). 

Health Benefits of Dandelion: 

  • Stimulates appetite & supports digestive system 

  • Rich in fiber, Vitamins A, C, & K + minerals Folate, Potassium & Calcium

  • Provide antioxidants that protect your body

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Immunity booster 

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