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Appreciate Yourself Guided Meditation

[appreciate yourself transcript by Lotus]

How much effort do you put into somebody where you support their potential, love the parts of them that they reject, and even go as far as to live their life for them? And how much of that devotion do you give to yourself?

During this meditation we will focus on the practice of reciprocating appreciation where it is scarce in ourselves. There are times when we become resentful because of how much effort we put into others and blame them for giving us “less” in return. Learning how to truly share ourselves without sacrificing our magic is key in mastering an overall healthy state of dominion within yourself.

To begin, become present with your body… it is a very natural shift for grounding that doesn’t need much mental power, if any.

Gently intend to focus on areas of yourself that deserve your warmth. To do a body scan, you can either focus on your toes or crown and wave over your body to the opposite end. Whatever catches your attention is calling for you.

Let’s take a few moments here to allow ourselves this solitude.

Noticing how you feel, is there resistance? Are you discovering the fulfillment you’ve been desiring? Are you overwhelmed? If so, take slow deep breaths and breathe out the anxiety. You are safe to be here with yourself. this work can be deep, so make sure to be as forgiving and patient.

Reminder to not jump around, discover yourself gracefully.

Claim “I honor the divine within you” if you start to feel very overwhelmed and detach yourself from that part of you. It’s okay, it doesn’t mean you’re abandoning yourself. You can still love from afar! Take gentle notes (not judgement) of how you are responding to yourself.

Sit with yourself further or move if you want to, you are supported. You are loved.

now closing off this meditation, gently become present with your body once more and digest your experience into your heart. speak into yourself, ”I appreciate you, thank you”.

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