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April 2022 Spring Forward [Week One]

4 weeks, 4 focuses, 4 you! Each week has its own focus. Freely choose prompts that align with your energy for each week. There’s no right or wrong flow; allow yourself to naturally navigate this month’s challenge.

April’s mantra “my energy is sacred”.

Definition: to intentionally release the hindering surrounding energy, causing you to clearly see the truth of your sacrednes; renewing your soul self & welcoming in the new, pure energy that aligns with you

Vocabulary: declutter, inventory, assessment, space, fresh, equinox, spiritual cleanse, intentional

WEEK ONE: Assessing the Mess

Music is spiritual —> Tag us on your story with a screenshot of your favorite song(s) to clean to. We’ll create a playlist of the collective’s selection for you to begin your decluttering for this week.

Deadweight —> Identify a mental or physical blockage that you hope to release this week. Allow yourself to be free of any thoughts or tasks that have been weighing you down, & rid yourself of this false burden. Affirm: I am competent. I am capable. I am no longer carrying this dead weight.

Detoxing the home —> Our body is the home of our soul. What we feed it is essential to making sure that body is aligned with mind & spirit. Use this week to assess the mess you allow into your body. Detox + fast from toxic eating patterns.

Taking inventory, goodwill—> Energy can be found within everything, whether it be good or bad. We all can be hoarders sometimes & find it hard to let go of items holding sentimental value, even if it’s something as simple as a heartfelt letter from ex friends, to that bear you got at the fair that stuck with you through rough times. Take a look at all aspects of your life (relationships/connections, possessions, finances, etc.) Check inventory of what needs to be decluttered — what inventory is no longer serving? What inventory is taking up too much space? What inventory holds too much energy or takes too much of your energy? By decluttering you are making space for newness to come in… you never know how much room your next blessing will need!

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