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April 2022 Spring Forward [Week Two]

WEEK TWO: Utilizing the Free Space

Boundaries —> Create boundaries for your sacred space (self) that will prevent you from reverting back to old habits & old clutter. Adopt new habits that will be sustainable.

Channeling negativity —> Allow yourself to acknowledge your negative feelings. Instead of remaining stagnant in them, think of creative ways to channel that energy (ex: writing poetry, painting, movement of the body).

Time management —> Evaluate how you use your time throughout the day. How much of it is used for personal will? How much for higher will? Create balance between the two, honoring both your personality & higher self. Be compassionate and intentional with how you manage your days. Cut out time for rest, prayer/meditation, & eating, etc.

Sacred Spaces —> Create a distinguished space from other spaces in your home. Direct this space intentionally toward your personal practice. We will create a place of purity, enabling us to come in contact with Self, God, Angels, Ancestors (take what resonates). The imperfections of normal life are reduced in this space. Nothing but centering, connecting, & offering takes place here.

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