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April 2022 Spring Forward [Week 3 & 4]

WEEK THREE: Intentional Maintenance

Building stewardship —> Pay close attention to your days, & take note of the important symbols + messages that stand out to you. By building stewardship in this way, you will clearly see everything that was given to you that can be utilized in your cleared energy space!

Keep present —> focus intentionally on your present feelings. Oftentimes, we ignore how we feel in the present moment & wait days to acknowledge them, or spend time journaling about past emotions allowing them to resurface. This week don’t let any emotions linger into the next day. Write them down (journal prompt: how am I feeling presently at this moment?), text yourself, or record voice memos for yourself expressing.

I AM —> Create your own affirmations. Let these be the mantras for April & moving forward! Tag us in a post on your story.

WEEK FOUR: Romanticism

Embracing silence —> Silence yourself & the outside world to become sensitive to the sound of God; we consider this a “talking fast”. During this silence, you’ll be able to discern the spell of illusion. Pay attention to the illusions you recognize, & create a perspective on how to shift this illusion in the most beneficial way. Intentionally engage only in higher conversations, with understanding that the high energy exchanged in conversation can be useful to your space (self). No longer being accessible to lower conversations is self care, for it creates the discipline needed to approach God with higher conversations that align you with your needs.

Mirror talk —> Look at your reflection... see yourself as the external reflection of all of the inward work you’ve been dedicated to this month. Reward yourself with affirmations or the high-five mirror technique (literally, giving yourself a high-five in the mirror!) to show gratitude to yourself. We are so proud of you, as you should be, too.

Housewarming —> You’ve made room for the new, & even welcomed in the renewal of yourself. This causes for a housewarming party! What is your soul now calling for? (Examples: hanging out with friends who are a true reflection of you, buying new plants for your home, etc.) Remember, this is your reintroduction. Be sure the things you allow in your sacred space don’t interfere with your sacredness!

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