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August Astro News

We came into the month of August fresh out of a New (Super)Moon in Leo. There was a flame lit under your butt, telling you to put that work in. You finally found the joyous spirit of life again, but when it comes to what you find in the material world it’s also in congruency to what you find in yourself, with all this tension in your sector of self/ego/identity. Nothing is yet set in stone so don’t doubt how good it can get for you. When you feel that alignment and/or enlightenment firing off in your spirit, you’ll sense the transformational energy that it takes to create the new doors, new opportunities to walk into. In order to obtain, you must maintain a certain level of rationality to know when the desired reality is ready and right in front of you!

Neptune is home in the sign of Pisces, supporting this imaginative energy of the New Moon and is keeping you level headed as you navigate these new waters moving toward a life of value. That flame under you keeps you warm, and safe in your container so you’re not caught up in your thoughts, balancing illusion and disillusionment, whether you’re trying to manifest something or not. It’s a matter of keeping an open mind as you go and explore the infinite possibilities, pure potentiality. This transit will unfold however you allow it to, this is just a guide to shift the mindset, in order to shift realities.

Days leading up to, and throughout the new moon cycle, you could have experienced enhightended intuition and discernment that allowed you to be ready for whatever’s to come. That fire moon with Jupiter and MC in Libra shows us how to balance our scales and not resist so much against the energy around us. The energy is about your light fully shining through all of the imperfections of self, of the world around us, the people we surround ourselves with, and just allowing them to exist. It’s about clearing the karmic cycles, integrating those lessons so you can move forward with your journey and healing. This goes into the energy of the Lion’s gate portal.

From July 28th through August 8th (be mindful that the universe works differently than our construct of time) the moementum picks up for the portal, sending us into full surrender. With intention, you are creating the legacy you envision for yourself. While unlearning what you adapted in survival mode, you’ll be solidifying your core values and belief systems that lead you toward fulfillment, stand firm in them for the good of all and the harm of none!

Activate your heart and throat chakra to embody and express all that you already are.

The Lion’s Gate Portal takes place right before the Full Supermoon in Aquarius. While the New Supermoon brought you inwards for learning, the Full Supermoon will be outward for teaching. Through mid-August to the beginning of September, the intensity of these transits will challenge your mindset, your thought processes and if you’re actually going where you say you wat to go, or doing what you say. Are you creating from soul or ego? You’ll suddenly come to your senses about what that means to you in terms of finance, romance, work, friendships or however Taurus resonates for you in your own chart. This is the energy of being entirely rooted in Self, your Highest Self at that. Believing that things can happen in your highest favor. It’s you finally seeing the bigger picture, and propelling yourself into that image. You have the free will to obsess over the minute details or embrace a stillness as you learn to trust the journey. Trusting yourself to bring you there, trusting your spirit guides to support you when need it most.

Allow yourself to blow off steam as you come to understand what this means for you. Life isn’t all black and white, nor is the universe. The Universe is mostly grey matter waiting to be trasmuted into something more, or less. The Universe doesn’t need validation to exist, to change, to morph, and neither should you. This energy is bringing you the confidence to adopt those new philosophies, to discover or rediscover our very own truths. Mars in Taurus is pushing us to lead with the least amount of resistance, more compassion, more nurturing energy. Don’t let pride create imbalance on your path. You are walking in the middle, the grey area, between light and dark, masculine and feminine. The more balanced you become, the less war will excite you. Peace will become prosperity, and depth wont seem so deadly in terms of getting to the bottom of it!

You are meant to be deep, and showcasing the abstract ways of the human psyche, of the Universe. To show the infinity of Spirit! Don’t let the weight of the world hold you down Let those rigid edges become soft. Create from a place of connection, for yourself, to show your ego that you’re capable of being more than a victim to your insecurities, circumstances or traumas. You’re capable of being much more, if you believe you can and allow yourself to. We’re all aware that the world needs work, and there are some generational traumas we need to heal as a collective, but opinions won’t save us. Peace on earth starts tart within, and the more we walk in balance, the more balance we will bring to each other. Stay informed throughout this campaign to learn more ways to blow off steam, channel you inner most raw and real self, while maintaining your awareness!

Sincerely yours, Indiya Tyshai |

@indiyatyshai @tyshaisacredcircle

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