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New Moon in Leo + 8/8 Portal


08/08/2021 = universal 3

Happy birthday Leo’s! This month's New Moon transits through your sign, joined by the Sun and briefly Mercury, in the 9th house of exploration and philosophy. During this time, you can find yourself digging a little, or a lot, deeper into yourself and the world around you, opening yourself up to the idea that the world, universe and/or your higher power is working in your favor, to fulfill your deepest desires. If this message is for you, there’s an energy of using your intuitive gifts, instead of logic during this time. You know in your heart what it is you want to bring to life, those should be the things you fully see through and put your best foot forward in. Now is the time to usher in NEWNESS. If you’ve been participating in the Mental Mission Challenge, you will notice how divinely our times align. At the time of this New Moon, we will be using the energy to manifest greatness at the start of Week 2, with Mental Manifestations. Think of your best ideas, and get into the motion, the mindset to cultivate them!

The Sun and Neptune are home in their planet of rulership of Leo and Pisces. Leo rules Leadership. It rules creativity , pleasure, even romance. Pisces rules the subconscious mind, secrets, and hidden activities. Don’t be too surprised when you find that you’re better at doing something than you originally thought. Whatever you’ve been keeping hidden, or behind the scenes is ready to be broadcasted into the light, whether it's a project or yourself, considering the Sun rules identity! It also rules ego, making room for social Media façades to fall through, while realness and authenticity will prevail at this time. Be your true authentic self! There’s heavy fixed energy in the air, calling for a lot of logical thinking, especially when it comes to what you consider to be your foundation and/or your future. This has the potential to be an ideal time to evaluate what’s working for you and what’s not, moving forward into the next phase of your life. Making grandiose promises should be met with extreme caution once Mercury enters Virgo in the 10th house, of public reputation, profession and career. If you’re going to commit, ensure it's what you fully take pride in. This is also a time for taking more calculated steps toward your goals, and also noticing how people are asserting their dominance in more tactful ways. Don’t allow others to walk all over you in the name of status, you don't have to submit to something or someone that doesn’t align with what you stand for!

The good will formed in previous weeks could come through as defiance and power plays because of the square between not allowing people to walk all over you or play into fantastic. With the Moon being in Leo at 5°, you can feel significant emotional charge at this time, but emotions being led by ego should be put in check before fully expressed, mindfulness of what you feel vs what you think. If you’re feeling passionate, put it into play by uniquely expressing yourself. At the time of this New Moon on 08/08/2021, there is also a Lions Gate energy portal emphasizing infinite power and stealth, stepping into your divine power and finally letting your hair down. This is about owning every aspect of yourself, especially uranus retrograde (the planet associated with Aquarius and quirky behavior). Uranus is usually more erratic when direct, so the energy is subdued when retrograde. Your options, your power, your energy is limitless, especially at this time so make good use of this for the next few days/weeks leading into the Aquarius Full Moon.

Take what resonates, and let the rest be transmuted into a positive light and energy!

xx, teyeshai ♥︎

@teyeshai || @indiyatyshai

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