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Real & Raw: WEEK 1

We will focus on the water element. We have grounded ourselves in our personal container of safety & solitude through the live guided meditation (if you missed it, please visit our instagram to start this month’s campaign). Now, gently navigate the rest of the week by reflecting on the prompts that we have created for you to explore the emotions in your container.

Mondays (Mental Maintenance Monday’s) are for resting. Channel the energy of the moon & yourself on these days continuing the campaign.

  1. Mental Maintenance Monday: live meditation — Holding Space

  2. Journal prompt: how do I hold space for myself?

  3. Journal prompt: what is my definition of vulnerability? 

  4. Journal prompt/activity: in what ways does my being already resemble water? In what ways would I like to? (think about water in both a good way & in a destructive way — what destructive traits do I carry?)

  5. Vocabulary: define reciprocity & reflection

  6. Activity: take a spiritual bath to visual yourself in a sacred container (bath tub). Allow yourself to hold space here & enjoy intimacy with yourself in the water. Play music & flow/sway gently.

  7. Affirmations: write or recite these affirmations & trust that your subconscious has locked them in your heart space after completing week 1.

  • I AM the observer of my thoughts & emotions.

  • I allow myself to feel my emotions fully.

  • There is more than enough space for me in this world.

  • I AM fluid.

  • I AM allowed to honor my intuition.

Thank yourself for showing up in your container. Monday is another rest day, followed by the beginning of week 2: fire.

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