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Breaking Down the Tower of Limiting Beliefs.

Updated: Jul 2

I’ve come to the realization that i have held myself hostage in a tower of limiting beliefs — insecurity, fear, self sabotaging, etc. have all been my prison guards. I know many of us are at a transitioning stage in our lives. It’s gotten to a point now where we’re longing for new beginnings, outside of our own prison, but we will never receive those blessings in the same mindset we were in. This has been a season of releasing & letting go & coming to terms that the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Now it’s time to move forward in an effective way.

I’m not going to lie, I usually watch some motivational video on youtube, put hope in what they said, & “shake off” the negative loop I’ve been in... only to make it back to square one. Change can’t happen if things don’t change. I’m over square one results.

  1. I will stop seeing messages & feeling like they’re for me without taking them to God first. Yes, because that’s what I should’ve been doing already (but ego can sometimes make us forget that God is the only voice we should be sensitive to, not a “strangers” or our own), but because this will keep me grounded & continuously building a solid relationship with God. This will also help put trust in my intuition more; by using discernment, intuition knew what word to take it to God. This will create a stronger foundation. If I fall again into my own negative trap, God will be the one catching me, not a weak foundation of whatever truths I forced in the “strangers” word.

  2. I will add onto the foundation by making it a pattern to be in God’s presence. Watching motivational videos on youtube is apart of this, but also reading, studying the word, connecting with guides/angels/ancestors (whatever resonates), meditation, connecting with the Earth, etc. This will help unplug from society/social media & stop caring about outside validation because the focus will be on clearing out emotional & mental clutter to make room for God’s next direction that’ll lead to the blessings waiting!

  3. I will make self care a main priority. This looks different for everyone, but for me, bubble baths, yoga, cooking good meals, pampering, crying, etc. keep me in a sane head space. Avoiding cycles of excess worrying & thinking are key to moving forward.

  4. I will let go of old coping mechanisms & replace them with healthy mechanisms that serve the person I am trying to become. No more turning to old friendships when feeling lonely, no more smoking/drinking away problems, & as Mariah said [More Rain, More Flowers], no more running to my cloak of victimhood in the rain.

To see the fruits of our efforts, we have to learn to dance in the rain. Learn to stand on what others drown in. We are never on the boat alone during our storms. Mark 4:35-41 - God was on the boat with people & a storm came. The people began to panic, asking God to wake up from sleeping because of the storm. God woke up & said, “Why are you afraid? Do you still not have faith? If our divine protector is resting during our storm, why not have that same posture?


micayla <3

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