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Cancer New Moon 2021

Cancer New Moon


09 July, 2021

Universal #3

The Sun and The Moon are both transiting through the sign Cancer. The Sun and Moon representing the Mother and Father, masculine and feminine energy. This energy could be an indicator of parenting yourself, your inner child. Bring yourself back to life! Give your inner child a long awaited hug, or even something you’ve wanted for a long time and never got it. This is a call to use your senses, especially if you are intune with your clairSENTIENCE. Get clear on your feelings, on which feelings are really yours and what feelings you’re holding for others. When you get to what’s yours, greet these energies with compassion and allow yourself to feel your way through the water, the dark. This “dark” doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing. It’s simply the unknown, things that are not yet in your line of vision. This transit joined by Jupiter, retrograde in Pisces, is asking for you to grasp onto your love, finally take a look into your own cup, see where there may be cracks and holes needing to be repaired. Your best self is pulling you into the light and into your blessings. It may be a process for some and smooth sailing for others. You may even experience the yin and the yang simultaneously, if you’re able to balance them.

Regardless of the order, this moon in cancer is bringing in this unique energy that assures you of your vulnerability, with the Sun and Moon sextile Uranus . Your uniqueness and individuality comes from your ability to be fully authentic in all of your parts, whether they’re shiny like porcelain or needing a few more weeks to function at it’s full capacity. Show up for yourself and, those in your immediate surroundings, the world around you everyday. Take more time to be present, find something of every color of the rainbow when you find yourself lost in your head. Bring yourself back into your body, and thank yourself for doing your best, with the information you had at the time. We’re entering a new cycle of time, of life, and in order to fully embrace the new, you have to give thanks and let go of the old. Romanticization is an amazing tactic when used correctly. Seeing your life, and your self, your worth in its fullest potential, even if you aren’t there physically. It gives you the opportunity to see the path along your journey! Tap into your depths, and your intuitive abilities to get a clearer innerstanding of how you can bring more joy and dreaminess into your vulnerability and look at it from a more positive perspective. Find ways to better communicate how you’re feeling, and how you’d like to feel in moments to come. Make yourself feel good before trying to carry out heavy and lack-luster tasks. Self care is also highlighted here. You’ll come out of this New Moon feeling more grounded in your body, your emotions, more stable and secure. You’ll feel like you have no weak points, after finally accepting events, emotions, and experiences for what they are, or were. You’ll have built a solid foundation for yourself, finding equality and justice on the light side of the moon.

Indiya Teyeshai

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