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Capricorn Full Moon 2021



Today’s Full Moon takes place on a numerological 8 day! (0+6+2+4+2+0+2+1=17/8)

This is the perfect energy to bring your manifestations full circle. The Moon is currently in opposition to the Sun in the 4th and 10th house. As it transits into our ninth house of spirituality, we’re guided inward toward our higher selves, our inner wisdom, our inner voices. That’s who is guiding us right now. This is a calling to really come to a conscious and subconscious innerstanding that it is okay to not have it together all the time. Cancer and Capricorn are opposites, so whereas the moon would be home in Cancer, it is in its opposite energy. With this, it is showing us how we need to be more gentle with ourselves, and our goals, endeavors and missions. We may want to rush things to be perfect, but even if you want to get close to perfection, it will take time. You are being called to open your inner world to the positives and negatives you experience. Finding the purpose in this is, especially with how you pursue your path and what will bring you structure and closer to your long term goals(Moon is 10H). You are ascending from this moment forward! You can either claim exactly what your life is, or watch it from your imagination. Who you are meant to be is waiting for you to acknowledge them, and become one together. We have Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Gemini home in their rulership, this is related to the way to you rationalize parts of your career and/or doing what you genuinely love… Bask in the light of who you are and walk with a more compassionate nature. You are coming into understanding of what you’re willing and unwilling to allow in your life. You are embodying an entirely new persona, and balancing that with who you are, and who you were. Connecting the present with your past, being more forgiving of your past and accepting the things you cannot change.

This transit is emphasizing the balance between your masculine and feminine energy. [Capricorn: Masc ; Cancer:Fem] We all have masculine and feminine energy within us, and there will be times when you put both feet into the waters of one, rather than being harmonious in both. We have Venus in Cancer, Venusian energy is everything to do with the aesthetically pleasing, peaceful, calming and comforting parts of life. What do you love? What makes you feel good, inside and outside? Libra is also ruled by Venus, [ASC in Libra] giving us this very potent portal to transform our lives into everything we imagined. There will be a swift flow of energy throughout this transit as if it’s happening before your eyes. If and when you are met with resistance, remember that it is a test of your strength, and to overcome these obstacles. The only way resistance will hinder you is if you allow it, or if your pursuit is simply not your intended path. Stay open to the changes around you , my loves! Anything is possible with power and will.

❥ @teyeshai

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