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Change Yourself, Change Your Reality.

Why aren’t you living in the reality your soul truly desires? Maybe because your next reality requires a different version of you. Manifestation isn’t just saying your affirmations, visualizing, and being in positive energy. These are all important to the process, but when we are looking to call in something so grand, amazing, fulfilling, and something we’ve never experienced before, there’s more work that needs to be done.

Your next reality is greater than you can imagine. It's abundant and true. When it shows up, it’s here to stay for a long while. What you desire is looking to come in on solid ground. You are that foundation needed. The universe wants to pour abundance into your life, but she wants to make sure that when you are given it, you can actually receive it; that you have the tools, skills, thoughts, and energy needed to experience it to the fullest.

For what you desire, does your current self match that on all levels? Do you have the mindset, vibration, and positive emotions that suit it?

Would your personality and characteristics positively serve what you desire?

Would your current behaviors, habits, and thought systems best care for and support what you desire?

*Journal your responses!*

To further explain, let’s say you want to manifest a healthy, loving relationship. You can identify and define what a healthy relationship requires; great communication, trust, acceptance, healthfully expressing emotions, conflict/resolution skills, patience, and peace. These are just a few characteristics of a healthy relationship. With this list, you can look at it objectively and reflect it back onto yourself. Be honest with yourself if the current habits and behaviors you hold fit and support what a healthy relationship requires. If you know you don’t express heavier emotions in a healthy way, or that you don’t speak up and communicate directly, or that you show more judgement rather than acceptance of yourself and others, before you call in a healthy, loving relationship, work on these skills now. You can practice this in everyday life with coworkers, parents, friends, and acquaintances. While staying aware and very clear on the habits that need to be released, you’ll be working to also replace the old habits with new ones; ones that are needed to match the level of your desire. If you want different, do different. Different actions bring different results.

Your next reality already exists and it’s on its way to you. It wants to experience you as well. It’s just waiting on you to build it a new, solid foundation. It wants to be deeply rooted in your physical reality. The power is truly in your hands. You have the power to change yourself. You get to set the stage and watch how your next reality falls into place.

Juanita @ju6nita

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When setting these affirmations for yourself, it’s necessary you follow up these affirmations with actions to co-create & manifest them!

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