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Channeled Song Messages for the Zodiacs

Channeled Song Messages for the zodiacs by World Soul Tarot 🌿🔮🧚🏾

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i am x yung baby tate ft. flo milli

you’ve been feeding into negative thinking patterns more than usual. your mind drifts to tough love when you’re hyper focused on succeeding. choose a new path, you have the option to succeed with grace & compassion. practice positive affirmations.


10% x kali uchis

“you keep on taking from me but where’s my 10%?” you can get into these moods where you feel like everyone is dumping responsibility on you, but really you’re just helping out of ego. allow yourself to rest and stop defining your worth by how many people are dependent upon you. it’s not healthy for you or them.


trigger protection mantra x jhene aiko

calm down, eventually. protect your energy. you’ve been allowing too many external energies to attach to you at this time. stretching yourself far and wide for what? what are you trying to prove? stillness will provide you that answer.


just like magic x ariana grande

“take my pen and write some love letters to heaven.” you’re being called to express your feelings more. especially if you’ve been thinking about a passed on loved one, they miss you and know it’s hard for you to physically say anything, you may get too choked up or blank out. try journaling.


born tired x jhene aiko

your dreams have been telling lately. you’ve been suppressing too many emotions.. some of these are from childhood as well. you’re supposed to be stepping into a big transformation of self - what’s stopping you? the answer lies in your dreams.


private party x india arie

“i hung up the phone i felt so alone, started to feel a little pity, that’s when i realized that I gotta find the joy inside of me.” when the happiness runs out, where does your peace lie? you have work to do, hermit mode.


one way st. x jhene aiko

create some art. you’re being guided to make art so you can see your essence in a tangible form. do it without structure and judgement. this will be a testament to how there is no right way to be or create. you’ll become a lot more liberated.


a long walk x jill scott

goooo outside! no phones no nothing!! remember when you were a kid and you’d roam around with your friends and checking your notifications wasn’t even a thing? yeah get back to that. sometimes we forget how beautiful the simplicity of life is.. and who knows, you may meet someone new on this walk.


water x little dragon

flow like water. if you’ve been wondering if you’re on the right path let this be your confirmation. yes, you are! but you cannot force your way there. you’re so anxious because you’ve materialized this success so it feels familiar. “let’s go to the world we know” you’ll get there.. patience.


water to wine x kali uchis

connect to your ancestors. there’s a situation they can help you through right now. “i can turn water to wine” pertaining to love. this seems to be a cycle carried out in your lineage. ask them to guide you through this.


surrender x jhene aiko

do a burning bowl ritual and surrender your negative beliefs and anxieties. spirit is saying you’ve been leveled up spiritually, your mind state has to match that. “i’m a boss bitch how you don’t fuck with me?” is how you’ll feel after!


honey dew x lion babe

make a vision board to manifest your dreams right now. especially pisces risings! “i’m working with time, watching i’m wide open to the blessings i find.” you’re being called to cocreate with the universe because they’re working in your favor.

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Channeled songs for the zodiacs by World Soul Tarot 🌿🔮🧚🏾 IG: worlds0ul Twitter: worldsoultarot tip jar 🏺: $worldsoul aries: i’m...

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