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Channeled Songs + Messages for the Zodiacs

Channeled songs for the zodiacs by World Soul Tarot 🌿🔮🧚🏾

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Twitter: worldsoultarot

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i’m coming out x diana ross

what used to confine you no longer will. you’ll come to realize only you can take accountability for holding yourself hostage in bitter situations. you’re coming out happier than before, let the world know!


big boss interlude x victoria monet

i feel this song is your higher self talking to you, guiding you to your true purpose and path. “come follow me to luxury.” your passion is ignited for a reason. follow it.


allure x jay-z

you’ve worked very hard to get where you’re at and now you’ve come to a moment of material harvest. “i got a thing for them big body benzes, indulge my senses.” where you once found yourself in a negative cycle of working hard and seemingly getting no results, the results start to show. congratulations!


heard about us x the carter’s

you’ve been letting people slide by watching you and being passive aggressive towards you, it’s time for boundaries. you have to accept that people will choose to paint you into whatever light is beneficial for them. since they’re watching you so heavily, show them how shit is done. do you, unapologetically. “put hoes in they place, bitch stay in your lane.”


get up x amel larrieux

you find yourself in discontent and boredom at the hand of your own doing. it’s not the fact that you’re stagnant, but the fact that you continuously put yourself in the same position due to your negative mindset. release your own foot off your neck. “i know you’re down... when you gone get up?”


going bad x meek mill ft. drake

you’re grinding regardless of what anyone else has to say. you seem to have come to a point of realizing you really are your own worst critic, and you find solace in knowing the only expectations you REALLY care about are your own, anyone else is petty noise.


blue dream x jhene aiko

you will be experiencing bliss and oneness, this is because the universe is heavily watching over you at the time. you may be drawn to expressing more gratitude right now, you’ll find the more you give the more it’s given back. in the water, the air, the sun, you’ll be surrounded by love.


mariposa x radiant children

people are envious of your power at this time! the way you rise above, how innovative you are. or this could be you watching another person. oh no, don’t fake the funk Scorpio. this is showing you where you’re meant to be inspired.. so be that!


new level x asap ferg

you fought to get where you are. stay away from people who make you feel like you need to explain your footing when your foot has already BEEN through the door. they hope that by discrediting you it will make them feel better, but what they’re going through doesn’t concern you. keep going up!


define me x jhene aiko

many eyes are on you at this time. asking who you’re with, how you got to where you are, what you’re doing, what’s your style, why? so much chatter. but you were never made to fit a mold. you cannot be defined - your uniqueness is paving a way for you. “all in divine timing.”


speak x jhene aiko

you’re realizing your voice and thoughts hold weight. you used to let others opinion refine you a bit, make you conform yourself to what’s normal. “fuck your opinion bout it i’m feeling my best.” you finally accept yourself and forgive yourself for giving into conformity.


lose each other x teyana taylor

revelations or truths have been revealed in your connection with someone. you really wanted this to workout but sometimes things don’t and that’s okay.. it just means you’re destined for more. this person was many firsts for you but they will not be your ending. i see a nice friendship coming from this. keep your head up.

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