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Collective Aura Energy Reading

Today would be a great day for resetting!

A lot of us may be clearing our emotions from a chaotic rut we’ve experienced this week poss from self sabotage, other peoples projections, or simply suppressing. Remind yourself that it is okay to take your time, take breaks, naps, etc., but what is not okay is comparing our circumstances to what we see as idolizing. Spirit is reminding you to stay focused. I sense that some of you have been stressing or heavily wrapped around fake scenarios — illusions you’ve illustrated. Some of us are too deep into how many evil eyes we have on us allowing these deceptions to confuse or anger us. Some of you may feel called to organize your finances, finding ways to make new money, aligning yourself for long term stability. For others who feel already finically abundant will be researching, reflecting, and doing plenty of shadow work. This is the perfect time to practice ways of protecting your auras or setting and standing on the boundaries you set with yourself and others. Collectively, we will all be pulling the strings to our guitars until we’re on one accord.

Aśe Family,

Hadez @thebiggestdeezy

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