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Collective Energy Reading Leo Season

Collectively, we may all be experiencing a feeling of letting go, possibly letting go of emotional baggage, jobs, relationships, cars, etc. We may be cutting our hair, leaving old stagnant energy in any form, feel called to travel, move, or physically change in any aspect. Some of us may feel super sexy, while some of us are having identity crisis. Some of us may have a difficult time balancing out our wants and our needs because we want to put our happiness first. Be sure to stay grounded when making finical or long term decisions. Leo season is giving us a chance to play with our inner child. It’s giving us a chance to reboot our confidence and set boundaries with ourself by trying out new energy and appeals. Our intuitions will become heightened and suddenly we will realize that we’ve had more control over our own circumstances than we thought. We should all successfully be able to get what we want from our efforts if we stay true to our callings and don’t let outside influences like family, friends, or organizations gear you the wrong way into opposing paths. We begin to embrace and appreciate our slum dog millionaire journeys in order to walk away with our rightfully owned rupees!

Hadez @thebiggestdeezy

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