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Ctrl Alt Del

My most asked question is always about my tattoos, one of them being ctrl alt del. I used to live by this mantra at the time I got it tatted. I struggled being in control of my thoughts because of my anxiety always being at chaos. “ctrl your thoughts, alt the thought/perspective, del it if it’s negative”. I said this everyday, so I decided I wanted to see it everyday, being that our thoughts are really an everyday battle. They are literally terrorist, or most of them can be; some thoughts visit your mind’s world temporarily, others stay longer & gain power — terrorizing the thinker.

I was always being terrorized, until I was able to regain my power in the presence of thoughts entering my mind. I had to learn to be in ctrl.

This is easier said than done because our mind is always moving, but once you gain more control over your emotions & inner conversation, you’ll be able to get to step two, altering. In the midst of negative thoughts, realize your power — Everything is already within you. Come back to center with self. Gain self control.

Alt is all about mindfulness.

How aware are you about your thoughts & what you do when negative thoughts enter?

I used to be a person who absorbed into negative thoughts, letting them torment my mind; until I shifted my mindset to understand how detrimental that can be because we become our thoughts, subconsciously, & eventually in reality.

I read an article study of the subconscious mind, & it states, “Words & thoughts that are repeated often get stronger by the repetitions, sink into the subconscious mind & affect the behavior, actions & reactions of the person involved. The subconscious mind regards the words & thoughts that get lodged inside it as expressing & describing a real situation, & therefore, it strives to align the words & thoughts with reality. It works diligently to make these words & thoughts a reality.”

So I always like to ask myself questions about my thoughts before I let them ponder:

  • Is this a negative or positive thought?/How does this thought make me feel?

  • (If it is a negative thought) Is this really how I feel or am I just upset/triggered in this moment?

  • How can I alt this thought with a more positive one?

  • What is a positive action I can do right now? (Baby steps! Start with a simple action that will follow another positive action.)

After using the alt technique, I immediately del the negative thought, making room for the counter (positive) thought. It’s so easy to get caught up in a negative loop if you don’t delete. Negative thoughts lead to a negative action following another negative action, creating a bad habit. If you’re aware of your thoughts, you’re able to catch them & practice mindfulness until it’s second nature, a more positive habit. All it takes is ONE positive thought to break the pattern of negative loops. Once you rebuild your foundation of positive habits, you’re now in a positive loop!

Affirmations to remind yourself once you del negative thoughts:

I am powerful.

I am not my thoughts.

I will feel & express all of my emotions without demonizing them, but still being aware that I have power over them.

I will control how I react & respond to my thoughts while still allowing all emotions.

I give myself permission to break out of negative loops.


micayla <3 @prettyboyxo

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