Dead Plant.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

i keep trying to water myself

as if i’m not already a dead plant

or maybe the water is tired of nourishing

a plant as stagnant as i am...

i said i didn’t care what i lost as long as it wasn’t myself again. i will keep watering even though i am so tired. i am a flower who bloomed in a dark room, so who says i can’t be a dead plant brought back to life?

pay attention to the particles you allow in your water. pour positivity into yourself, pour love, pour strength.

my favorite quote is “now that i am dead i can live again”. to me, this means, now that i have put the old me to rest, i can finally live again without this darkness hovering over me. so even though i feel like a dead plant, i’ve accepted the fact that maybe it’s best if i let myself die. i can regrow into something better. so can you. wherever life decides to plant us next, we will bloom with grace.

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