Diaries of A Hustling Woman


Admittedly I’m bad at it. Didn’t want to see, the truth of my stagnation. Preaching the quire through tarot, when in fact their tarot mirrored me as well. A double edged sword I couldn’t let pierce through my fragile ego, my veil. Played the fool in ones cockiness, forever learning the depths of my own knowledge. Put your phone down, silence it; grab your journal and write in it. Write out your list,get you’re prioritize straight. Breath, rebalance; you’re not bored, you lack discipline to get done what needs to get done. Lazy, you’re not lazy, you’re overworked, unknowing on how to attend to ones needs. Lazy, often times mistaken for discipline, but can sometimes go hand in hand. Make your list, tidy up; clear your mind. Start up the day with your favorite tune; one that makes you feel ready to start your day and get to writing that list. Let’s get it done, I promise you’ll feel much more accomplished getting your prioritize done, and a lot less critical of yourself on your downtime. The days no longer feeling as though it’s passed you by.


“Diaries Of A Hustling Woman.”

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