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Ego Has Said Enough!

Lately, experiences have revealed so many of my trauma based habits; emotions have been triggered giving me the opportunity to check in with my shadow. I’ve learned to appreciate the moments that I’m triggered because it’s the beginning of a new lesson on this self discovery journey. I came to the truth that I am articulate, but not the best at communicating. That’s a lot of us. Our parents were on this human experience bottling up their own unhealed trauma, so healthy communication wasn’t demonstrated enough. Anytime we tried speaking up those around us weren’t emotionally available or made us feel unsafe to openly express. Honestly, the list goes on with possible cases, both external AND internal that could cause throat chakra blockages.

For me personally, I’d communicate from a place of ego, instead of heart or authentic self. It was a trauma response to mask my vulnerability. I had to really sit with myself & uncover the truth on why I did not want my vulnerability exposed? I’ve reflected back on family experiences, past relationships with people intimately & platonically, & even the internal conversations I have with myself. In conclusion, ultimately, my communication patterns stem back to family trauma, but it is my responsibility, as it is yours for you, to remove & heal these blockages. If we aren’t being compassionate through how we express to ourselves, we can’t extend that externally. We must first release old feelings about how our emotions were handled in the past because holding on to them serves only ego, not us.

Affirm to yourself: What I say & how I feel matters. I give voice to my truth & inner wisdom. I am expressive.

Responding from a place of ego was my way around my emotions. It was easier to cut conversations short & ghost people or “be transparent” with only surface level emotions compared to how I truly felt inside, than to sit with my thoughts & clearly communicate them without holding back in fear of being seen. What I learned is I should allow myself to fully process my thoughts & emotions before speaking just to respond . I need to respond from a place of deep knowing, where I can express my thoughts how I truly know I feel them. I can take a moment to check in with myself & align, be heart centered & aware, & become grounded; I will move forward with communication from that space. We owe it to ourselves to express our truths without creating false burdens or limits. If we don’t release, we’ll be the ones subconsciously indulging in those emotions until shadow can’t take not being acknowledged any longer.

Affirmations: I am allowed to intentionally communicate.I understand how I truly feel. I can express my thoughts/emotions clearly.

One of the main ways I’ve decided to heal my throat chakra is through creative expression. For things I can’t articulate or communicate to the extent of which I feel it, I translate those emotions through another outlet like pole dancing, painting, yoga, or creating youtube videos.

To help break the fear of how my feelings will be perceived, if they’ll be understood, etc., I like to share some forms of my creative expression. This always helps ground me knowing that others can resonate with me simply for being me. I find peace in knowing that regardless if someone doesn’t understand, I expressed it for myself.

Tell your conscious self, “stop biting your tongue.” Ego has said enough.


micayla <3

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