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Ego vs. Soul

Updated: Jul 2

Ego vs. Soul: Acknowledging the Difference Between the Two

A person's ego can cause limited thinking such as self-importance, self-worth and self-esteem and ultimately, if focused on too much, can cause an individual to become self-centered. Becoming egotistical, a person who is full of themself, can be hard to seperate when attempting to become more self-aware and self-preserved. On the other hand, a person who is acting with their soul instead of ego, is still acting in ways that cause positive emotions and feelings, but their actions are more than just for self and more of an internal need to give internal joy to others as well. Acknowledging the difference between acting out of ego and acting out of soul, or pure intentions, can benefit not only you but the experiences that you have in life and with those around you.

When moving to please the ego, one can become arrogant and disconnected from true reality. Since they have adopted moving to only please themselves, they neglect to take into account how their actions will impact those around them. Egotistical individuals usually believe they are separate from or even better than everyone else. This mindset closely mirrors narcissism and causes a huge strain on outward relationships as well as this individual's relationship within. When moving in ego, you are made to believe that you must have more, have more and then some more! This can be more expensive items, more praise from others, more power, more wins in life and more control. Due to this need of obsessively wanting more for self while simultaneously being so full of self.. life experiences are dampened and these individuals are often found less happy, have a lower self-esteem and more insecurities.

When moving to please the soul rather than ego, one is more connected with the universe and those around them. When moving to please the soul, you are not moving for selfish reasons but for the oneness of every being. You are making intentional decisions out of love, empathy and truth. The actions this person takes do not cause harm but benefit not only self but those around them.

Our ego is that voice within that demands everything. I believe that when we live such egotistical lives, we give away so much of our true power and control over our lives and begin to lose alignment with our true selves-our soul. Our soul is that voice within that ranges in depth, is profound and full of infinite peace and compassion. It is time to analyze the way we have been interacting in the world and acknowledge the true difference between moving to please our ego and moving with our souls.

Good luck on your journey,

- Sarai, @5arais

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