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Elevating Your Life: Moving From One Stage to Your Next

Emerging from a period of rest into this time of rebirth, we have to have the courage to step into the character we want to embody, show up as our most authentic and highest self, and take responsibility for the self-sabotage we create in our own lives. It’s time to step into who you want to be, and elevate. Understandably so, sometimes it’s hard to move forward with what we want because of limiting thoughts, negative self-talk, and repeating an outdated, unwanted narrative version of our stories. Here are some tips to remember when you feel in those in-between stages of stagnation and wanting to elevate your life, attempting to move from one stage to the next:

Stop With The Excuses

As corny as this may sound, you really do have one life to live, so make every moment count. Life is about moving forward, accepting challenges to overcome limits, and showing up as your highest self, the person you want to be. Excuses and procrastination only hinder the process. The right time is now, stop waiting until the perfect moment or for that perfect condition to start doing the things you want. You don’t need that special computer to start writing that book you’ve been wanting to or the perfect camera setup for a YouTube channel. It’s okay to plan, build and add on as you go along, but to even get there, you have to take that first step. Don’t focus on the whole plan or path because that isn’t always clear, trust the process and follow-through.

Stay True To Yourself

Copying someone else or not following your true energy can be a cause for stagnation. We have our own gifts and talents and just because it works and looks good for someone else, does not mean it works for you. Find what aligns with your energy, tap into your fullest potential and try things in your original way instead of doing things the way other people do them or just because they are doing it. If something in your life isn’t working for you, be honest and address the situation. Don’t allow yourself to take action in or stay in situations where your energy is not aligned.

Cut-out Comparison and Judgement

Don’t compare your journey to the journey of others. Similar to the last tip, you must follow your path and find what works for your soul. In this century of social media, it’s easy for people to portray a story that looks good but may not be the full story. The struggles that people experience behind the scenes are often hidden and through the judgment of others, you are projecting your personal insecurities onto others. Looking at other people's blessings with an envious heart is an indication that you are not focusing on yourself and addressing your issues but instead pointing to your insecurities about your own successes.

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Negative Stories About Yourself

Change the narratives, and focus on what you want. Whatever stories you are telling yourself, is the story that you are manifesting. Focusing on the areas of lack in your life can only bring more lack. Stop playing out scenarios of yourself in negative situations, filled with stories of fears, doubts, and all the ways you see yourself failing, instead tell the positive stories of where you want to be, and how you want your life to play out. You cannot manifest and attract the good you seek if you are constantly on the frequency of attracting and thinking about the bad. Self-sabotage is basically quitting before even getting started, telling yourself ways it will never work before actually giving it a fair chance. If you’re telling contradicting stories it will be hard to bring forward what you really want.

Take Action and Make Sure it’s the Right Action

Not taking enough action or taking the wrong action. Remember to always take action that is aligned with you. Don’t do what you think you should because someone told you to or because they are doing it. To see results, you have to take that first step, but make sure it’s in alignment with you. An easy example of this is often seen in situations like creating your morning routine. Just because someone suggests how much meditation has worked for them, does not mean you will automatically yield the same results. Listen to your body and pay attention to your emotions, follow through on things that feel good to you and that you feel energetically aligned with. On the flip side, not being able to elevate can also be rooted in not taking enough action, giving up easily, and giving up because we don’t see results right away. Everything is a journey and with time and dedication yield results. Don’t give up because things are not taking off as quickly as you want, trust the process and follow through on your actions no matter how difficult, embarrassing and vulnerable they may feel. Putting yourself there is never an easy thing but being outside of your comfort zone is what brings forth new opportunities and results.



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