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Embracing the Sun

Written by Sarai Peterson @suhnrai

Discovering Divine Alignment

I wrote something in my notes earlier that read, “In this moment, I feel so much lighter… as if a weight has been lifted from my heart. As if my body is now flowing with the innermost depths of my soul. This must be what true alignment feels like. This must be what following my intuition feels like.”

I often wondered if I was doing the right thing. Am I wasting my time pursuing a lifestyle that I have yet to witness anyone else experience? Am I utilizing my resources accordingly? Am I nurturing these specific areas of my life properly? But then one day I decided to slow down – to embrace moments where I felt watered with unconditional love and pure peace. To recreate more of these moments and to do this on a daily basis. 

My main source of nourishment; I found that I enjoy spending time in the sun. Every morning, on my own accord, I wake up as the sun is rising. Leaving my phone on the charger, I sit outside on the porch and let her essence engulf my body. I slow my already racing mind that’s attempting to plan the day that I have just woken into. Instead of listening to my own thoughts, I listen to the blue bird talk to me, as it perches in the tall, pink tree outside my porch. Rather than worrying about what needs to be done, I appreciate that I am able to sit here and do absolutely nothing, with absolutely no distractions nor obligation to perform. I release my breath; I inhale gratitude. I release my anxiety; I welcome the stillness. I release Me; I inhale the Sun. 

And I am whole.

Pouring into myself in this way has introduced the start of a sacred flow into my life. Sacred flow is the ability to live in divine alignment; a smooth current of divine energy. Though embracing the sun has only allowed a small portion of my morning to be in this state of energy, the end goal is to adopt a lifestyle where I am able to live in sacred flow on a daily, consistent basis.

Now every morning, this energy pours over my entire body and leaves me wanting to live in sacred flow more often. In every breath… with every beat of my heart, it flows both in and out of me, through me.

With the sun not worrying about how bright she shines, or how much of her energy she gives to the entire world, I too should not. For we both are provided with divine, everlasting life directly from Source.

How have/will you start to experience life in divine, sacred flow? (Comment below!)

Embracing the Sun is written by Sarai Peterson @suhnrai. She is the creator of Saroz Jewelry &. Accessories @sarozja and a dedicated writer for Mental Maintenance @444themental. You can join her for more on her Youtube Channel @SUHNRAI.

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