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Full Moon in Scorpio Collective Reading

The full moon was fully illuminated at 11:32pm on April 26th 2021. Yesterday’s full moon was joined by the sun in Taurus. This transit is a call to reflect on your truths, even your lies and everything in your inner world. The moon influences your emotional needs, and with the moon being at full capacity in Scorpio, the sign of rebirth, our darkest deep rooted secrets, beliefs and everything deemed “taboo”. During this moon transit, joined by mars in Cancer, you can expect to from extremely vulnerable due to the water earth connection between Scorpio and the Taurus Stellium, where mercury, venus, Uranus, and the Sun.

Tension can be seen in our 10th House where career, long term goals, structure, etcc.. you may be questioning or coming to terms w/ what it is that you really want out of your long term goals. Seeing yourself make an effort to transform and come into alignment with a job or occupation that is fulfilling you not only monetarily but mentally and emotionally.

You’ll have to assure that you’re not only getting what you want but what it is that you need. With Pluto transiting and sent to the retrograde and Capricorn (starts 4/27/2021) You could be feeling particular about the services you were giving and or receiving. You’ll start to notice a shift in the way you put your needs first. You’ll see how you no longer allow certain things to play such a big role in your life, or even take notice of what you once were hyper focused on. Right now there is a general focus on expansion and career so take some time and take as much as you need to go inward.

You could be sensing that there is an urge to deal with, let go of, or even act on the subconscious feelings you’ve been in your head about it. There’s an energy of wanting to clear the air, clear your mind and with these Taurus transits, it’s important to ground yourself so you can act intentionally rather than reacting irrationally. With mars in cancer, it is important that you think before you speak, before you act, because there’s a lot of tension with Mars being in a water sign. Mars is the general ruler of Aries which is a fire sign, and it is very uncomfortable being in an emotional state. This is anything to be self conscious of, embrace the vulnerability that comes with acting on your emotions, as long as they are coming from a heart space not a hurt space. If you have feelings that are from my heart space this is the perfect time to delve into and come to terms with what those things are, and/or talk about them with whom you trust most, for vulnerability is a good way to work on existing relationships at this time.

It may be frightening, but with Pluto and the Moon, as well as all the other planets encouraging your transformation, this will benefit you in the long run, as they move in your tenth house of longevity. Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio, where is Pluto is the ruler, so a lot of these transit are highly encouraging you to plan for the future. Taurus is about value, about aesthetic, about stability and comfort. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, for transformation and change happens outside of your comfort zone, on the other side of your fears.

Now may also be a good time to open up about anything you have been holding onto as far as your mental health, the moon is on the bottom hemisphere of the natal chart, while all other planets are on the top hemisphere, including the sun, so a there’s a lot of tension on what is shown on the outside and less of what’s on the inside.

As the transits begin to move around, they will be releasing of tension, and you’ll be more open and feeling more comfortable talking about these depths and burdens that you are harboring inside. Communication is very important at this time, for a miscommunication can easily slip under the rug and emotions thoughts or feelings can be misinterpreted.

Remember that the most beautiful things are deep down; in the depths of the water the unknown is the most beautiful thing there is because that means there’s just that much more to explore. Do not fear your depth, dig into them.


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