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God, I release & let go...


Thank you for being my protector, for you have shielded me from many people & situations that were not for me or my best interest at heart. I ask that you continue to guide me to the tools I need to win your game of life, & pour love into me on my journey so that I find comfort in my storms knowing that they happen for me & not to me. Help me to shift my perspective of perverted beliefs, for I know that the only sin is not fulfilling my purpose & finishing off your mission to bring Heaven on Earth, not the limiting beliefs that have been kept for generations. Give me the courage to release what does not serve me, to embody myself authentically, & let my soul express freely what you want me to deliver to your people — for my vulnerability + your strength together are a powerful frequency capable of doing & receiving all. I am thankful for the lessons & wisdom you have given along the way that have prepared me for this opportunity of new beginnings on a solid foundation of faith. I am grateful for your provision. Thank you for giving me the power to win on every battle field against the enemy’s distractions. With you I can never lose.

What the enemy can’t destroy he’ll distract.

i release myself from my own prison

i release my teeth from my tongue & will speak my truth & your word

i let go of self sabotaging

i let go of limiting beliefs

i let go of anything that is not serving the new identity you have given me

i release my bitterness & choose to be love

i let go of fear

i release attachment

i let go of old ways of coping

i let go of needing validation

i let go of procrastination

i release all negative energy hovering my spirit

i let go of wanting to be in control

i let go of pouring my energy into the wrong things

i let go of demonizing my emotions


micayla <3


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