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“Happy Fling”

haha, oh hi

long time no see!

crazy thing is, when we went our separate ways

i somehow new you’d once again bump into me

we were inseparable

i remember there wasn’t really a me without you

& when you left for a little minute

it was kinda bittersweet

everything i felt while you were gone,

kinda felt like make believe

it seemed like i was in this fantasy world waiting for an epiphany

silly me

i almost believed that it wasn’t make believe

& when id try to convince myself that it was

it would only make me angry

i hated my mind

because our relationship is nothing that i should even want to keep

so i didn’t understand why i couldn’t just let your disappearance be

getting rid of you made me proud of me

only made the demons in my head louder

they’d taunt at me

thoughts in a spiral out of frustration

like is this new freedom really given to me?

is this the life i’m going to keep?

no soul tie with depression

but a new attachment to


or like i said before,

would this not last too long because you’d miss my company?

you’re back i see

don’t be jealous,

me & happiness just had a fling

  • xo

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