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Repeating the same narrative within My mind

Why do l like to punish myself?

Speaking harshly, when I’m all that I’ve got and still.. daily, I repeat those same negative thoughts back..

Back to myself as if they are facts- tearing myself down until there’s nothing left…

I know you can see the hurt in My eyes, from that weight-

That heavy weight from all the sleepless nights, memory repeating back all the reasons why I’m not good.. pretty.. successful.. or popular enough…

and those dragging mornings, when I’m just wishing the madness would just stop-

Because now, looking in the mirror, I don’t even really recognize the reflection looking back..

“I am Beautiful”, are the words I began to force across My mind-

Whether I believed it or not because I know the change starts from within-

Hiding behind outside validation.. it will never be enough..

Because the love/validation/attention I seek from others, I must give to myself first..

So I began whispering to myself “I am enough”, because who is going to tell Me otherwise?

“I am successful”, because I’m appreciative that I’ve made it this far

“I am worthy of love”, because I know I am made of and come from love

“I love the person I am becoming” because everyday is a new day, a new opportunity for growth

“I choose to think positively about myself” because I am a reflection of the thoughts within My mind

Changing the narrative,

I began to celebrate all the parts of myself I hated the most- And the reflection in the mirror began to look familiar again..

Because regardless, I had to eventually learn to love Me for Me and fully accept My life for what it is today- because I am who I am & that is all that I have

  • Brey’ ✨/ @aura.inked

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