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internet validation won’t fulfill you

Social media has become a tool for people to create their lives via the internet.

You log on and create your mindset, whether it’s authentic or falsified. You create your style, whether it comes natural to you or if it’s studied and copied from someone else’s. You portray the perfect friend group whether you actually connect with them or not. You create your lifestyle whether it’s staged or your true reality.

Obviously, not everyone on social media is playing into this game of “whose life can be portrayed the prettiest or the richest”, but a big chunk of people do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pictures, and capturing “aesthetic” moments, but people are starting to replace creating your true reality with create your social media reality. Most people are obsessed with what it looks like to others rather than what it is. But what is it without validation? What is it without an entourage? What is it when you’re being honest with yourself?

Take it from someone who fell so hard into this trap of playing “keep up” that it drove me into a depression, making me feel hopeless, or like a loser because I wasn’t living a certain way. Having to delete social media apps to keep my sanity when I was the only one driving myself insane.

But then I watched this video by Patricia Bright, on her second YouTube channel called “the break” where she talks about investing, real estate, finances, and overall just getting good with your money. She mentioned that one thing that a lot of people do, that I did, was trying to keep up with people who have already been through their “struggle” to get where they are now, and how we can’t skip to the good without going through our own struggle. Meaning, stop focusing and trying to keep up with a lifestyle you haven’t been through anything to get yet.

The second I realized this, I tapped out of chasing internet perfection. I no longer felt the need to go shopping almost every day to post pictures with no compensation (unlike aspiring content creators or actual content creators who get paid for it). I tapped out of what it looks like and started focusing on what it is, so that I could actually start living a fulfilling life that I’d love and enjoy without a post.

I’m sharing this because I know for sure that I am not the only who has felt affected mentally because of this. I’m encouraging you to stop before it gets to the point where your need for validation goes so far that you’ll buy a car you complain about paying for, for years, you buy clothes that are only being worn for pictures, you’re going out every night with people you don’t like to fill void, and you waste a lifetime of healing and walking into your purpose because you fell into the trap of proving in a virtual reality.

If your goal is to build generational wealth, go after every one of your dreams (no matter how outlandish it may seem), heal, learn, be healthy, build your confidence, raise a family, break generational curses, travel, work for yourself doing what you love, build your dream home and anything else your heart desires. Then you’ve got way bigger things to do than run this race of social media.

Tap out and create your true reality, it will actually fulfill you.

- Jada Counts

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