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January Campaign: Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul [1]

4 WEEKS. 4 FOCUSES. Stay up to date with this month's campaign via our Instagram @444themental. There will be giveaway incentives for participation.

Each week, you decide your natural flow of the prompts. There’s no particular day to do a specific prompt or activity.


Understanding ego vs. soul-- What are your definitions of ego & soul, how do you decipher ego’s voice vs. soul’s voice?

Dopamine detox day-- Focus on less stimulation. Examples: no social media, no tv/video games, no junk food, etc. Watch this video then begin your detox!

Shadow work-- Journal your response to one shadow work prompt each day this week & reflect:

  • How do you decipher between your ego & soul?

  • In what ways do you allow yourself to project your insecurities, rather it be intentional or not?

  • Oftentimes, our ego can prevent us from showing compassion in situations where we judge or feel like a victim, etc. in what areas/ways can you be more compassionate towards yourself & others?

  • When you communicate things that bother you, what emotion do you speak from?

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