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January Campaign: Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul [2]

4 WEEKS. 4 FOCUSES. Stay up to date with this month's campaign via our Instagram @444themental. There will be giveaway incentives for participation.

Each week, you decide your natural flow of the prompts. There’s no particular day to do a specific prompt or activity.


  • Nutrition + gut health-- Both play a role in your intuition & thought process. Rework your diet to rewire your mind.

  • Triggers-- Respond differently to triggers. Use verbal affirmation to acknowledge how it affects you & then change your approach to them. Show gratitude for them, as they’ve been a catalyst to change, growth, & healing.

  • Beliefs-- Write down your values & beliefs. In what ways did these beliefs suit you when they first manifested? Are these beliefs limiting or do they allow growth? Are these beliefs even yours or were they programmed? How can you create space to develop your own beliefs?

  • Routine-- Repetition is the key to discipline. Create a routine that your best self will thrive while doing.

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