Learning & Letting Go

A few days ago I found myself reminiscing on moments in my life where I was going through changes, unlocking a new level of my vulnerability, dealing with shame and embarrassment, and I realized for most of those moments, God placed people in my life to help me get through these hardships.

It’s so easy for me to hold on to the negative memories I have of some people and forget that at that time, they were just the people I needed in my corner to support me and even sit in silence with me.

I feel an immense amount of gratitude. Not necessarily for these people but because of God because he is the force behind it all, showing up for me through others.

As I continue to figure out and navigate through this life of mine, I’ll remember to keep my heart, my eyes, and my mind open so that I don’t miss the lessons God wants me to learn.

It’s so freeing to know that at any time you’re ready, you can let go and take your lesson with you.

This is the greatest form of releasing.


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