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Let It Go, So It Can Grow.

in denial

tryna run from the truth

convincing yourself that you can’t feel my hurt

how my soul feels yours

manipulating your mind to shut out thoughts

of all the things that were left unsaid

blocking me out because you fear the truth

that our love is too intense

that you don’t fear where things were going with me,

you fear you

opposed to vulnerability

you fear your truth

space is just an illusion

for those who fear being close

those like you

i’ll admit

i couldn’t love you unconditionally

my love came with conditions because i was tired of being hurt

by you…

but i also projected my past hurt & traumas

self sabotaging the love i knew i had with you

self inflicted pains

difference is i didn’t fear myself

i feared being left alone with an ugly truth

some days i loved you from ego

which now i understand was only limiting you

we don’t want what we need most

spiritually, i had to let you go

i never turned my back on you

that’s just what you saw when i walked away

it wasn’t in alignment to stay

especially not with things staying the same

fix it or end it

we couldn’t fix it,

maybe not even if we tried

we dug a hole so deep

my cups weren’t full

and i thought it was because you weren’t meeting all of my needs

but it was because i was overextending myself

not pouring into me, too

i don’t know if i’m scared to be alone

but i do fear not having a place or person

that i know as home

i know you’re lost

i’ll pray you find your way back home

growing pains

going on 5 days



micayla <3

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