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Libra New Moon 2022


To look and to feel, simultaneously and harmoniously.

When I looked at the chart of the moment, for tomorrow, I saw an archer’s bow. It could give cupid, it could also give Sagittarius (sun opposing jupiter: sagittarius, jupiter opposing venus: libra)

I see transcendence of the mind, body, and soul (mercury, sun, moon, venus stellium) coming out of survival into surrender. When you acknowledge the magic, it never stops assisting you. You’re realizing how “magical”, “majestic”, “miraculous”, “mirroring”, “mind-blowing” your journey & experiences are. (alliteration for confirmation)

It’s the eye witness-ing (third eye) of the dorsal where you essentially feel the weight in your shoulders, lose tension. Eye witness-ing yourself overcome and expand beyond where you once were. (I typed dorsal on accident but I come in spirit)

Libra rules law and justice. Divine law, and karma are at play here with (Saturn square Uranus) it may come as a surprise at first, but the energy you put in is what you get back.

The work you finish, is the reward you receive. This Saturn influence is, work still needing to be done, the final stretch. You never slow down when you see the finish line, that’s when you push the hardest because you can see it, you can feel the success coming for you as you come toward it. Only once you’ve mastered your humanity, can your spirituality be safe to expand. The spirit has to find comfort in the vessel in order to bring information back and forth from the higher self, higher frequencies, and things of that nature.

This Venusian energy is making beauty out of it all. It’s finding your comfort, and changing your approach. Integration of your shadow and your higher self, your material and spiritual, most high dimensions. Venus in Virgo wants to be calculated and very clear, on what is okay and what is not. Virgo is mutable, and is okay with change as long as it makes sense, and is still in its highest favor.

Let your head and your heart agree on the same decision before making it!

Trust the Universe to do right by you, as you continue to move with pure intentions and in surrender. Do not attach to any outcome, because you’ll never know how good it can get for you. Expect the best and be prepared to receive better. Venus is telling you to get m*fcknin comfortable, stop thinking so much about what people wanna see from you, and focus on what you want to see. This is your life, so show up for it! Show up for the world! You can be sustainable and luxurious.

Once the body feels balanced it’ll begin to blossom just as a flower would. This could imply the balancing of your chakra system as well.

Be great, Be beautiful, and Be smart.

Yours Truly,

Indiya Tyshai


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