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Loss Ain’t Lost

More times than not, we as a collective have grieved the loss of a job, friendship, relationship, the list goes on. We as humans truly never see the blessings of that loss till we win; viewing it presently as nothing more than bittersweet.

The truth of the matter is how sweet a loss can be when you’ve grown past the bitterness of the first bite, but even several bites take getting used to.

You must learn through the art of surrendering; surrendering to endings more importantly. Dark chocolate, depending on the brand, is essentially much healthier and nutritious depending on the percent of cocoa. Sounds good, but many would rather enjoy artificially sweet chocolate, which consumed over time harms their health.

They want chocolate without health complications, but won’t allow themselves to push through the temporary bitterness that comes with cutting out toxins making up the much more popular versions. Temporary satisfaction with a whole lot of risks.

Loss ain’t a lost baby; take the time out to go in the comments. List things and relationships lost and the blessings gained after. Free your mind from the restraints of what you once had; what you once longed for in the guise of constant overthinking of the past.

Dani @goahime

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