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Manifestation Thoughts

Feeling blessed because the universe provided Me with a job to have a stable and comfortable life for My son & I.

However, I often feel guilty that I don’t find joy in My work. I feel as if I should accept what I was given because after all, this is what I asked for.

I find myself wanting more, often not feeling satisfied when I finally get the things I’ve been asking for.

I have to remember that sometimes the eyes are bigger than the stomach and you may think you want something when you really don’t.

Time after time, the universe has taught Me that I need to have self control and when I refuse to change, I am placed in a cycle of similar situations until I get it right. I know I won’t move further or get what I truly want if I do not practice good habits and patience.

I spend all My time distracted with friends who don’t really care and niggas that just want to fuck. Never spending time alone, who am I even?

I have all these ideas in My mind but when I am alone, I sit on My phone. No shadow work- I say I want to be the best version of myself but I put in no work to change.

I have to remember that the physical doesn’t matter, I have to be rich in spirit and heart.

I want to manifest My dreams but sometimes I fall short in the work that's needed to reach those goals. Faith without work is dead, a flower without water cannot grow.

Even with manifestations, you must start somewhere, and I can see My future so clearly in My mind but I don’t yet know the steps to take to get there. But that’s where trusting in myself, My abilities and faith in the universe comes in.

I have to let go of being afraid of change, afraid of putting myself out there- just afraid overall, and instead trust.

I have to stand up for My life, I am in control of My destiny and when I am unhappy with something, I have the power to change it.

Things may not work out how they are always planned but I know the universe has My back and I know that I am

Blessed, highly favored and protected. I must trust My path and do what I feel is best for Me.

Often the universe tests Me, to see if I’m really ready for what I'm asking for. Sometimes I pass, other times I fail but regardless, to manifest My dreams, work and faith in myself, what I’m doing, where I’m heading… is necessary.

Brey’ @aura.inked ✨

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