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“Escaping” Reality by Mastering Presence

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I’m always either obsessing over the future or reminiscing about the past, meaning there’s no escaping my struggle with anxiety & depression. Lately, I’ve been having a hard time being at peace with myself. I’ve caught my mind wandering to thoughts about past decisions that led to my current circumstances. Surrounding these thoughts is a lot of guilt because I got so caught up not remembering that my destiny is already written out for me— what’s mine will always be for me, so no matter what path I take, doing everything with the intention of fulfilling my purpose will get me to the destination.

I’ve had to learn to manipulate my mind & accept all emotions & troubles that come with me; all the dualities — the ups & downs, the good the bad.

“Life is a balancing act.”

The only key to “escaping” is staying present .

Someone told me, on our ongoing journey of growth, we must set our heart & mind to move with the flow of transition. Clinging to the past only creates resistance, keeping us trapped in depressive states because we refused to advance. We have to embrace the newness life has to offer without allowing our mind the opportunity to create anxious thoughts.

It’s hard to stay present in the midst of change & movement going on around us, but the first step to mastering presence is adjusting your mindset. Shift the fears & negative perspectives of change. Appreciate the fact that life offers constant, inevitable exploration, & through this journey we’ll discover our authentic selves, our true path/purpose, & the abundance God & the Universe fulfill on Earth.

Ditch the anxiety fueling the what ifs — our thoughts not only control our actions, but also what we attract. Indulging in negative thinking cycles keeps you sucked into your own negative loop; eventually, you’re dismissing the present. Always take a step back to regain your power. A simple step like asking yourself, “what is one [small] positive action i can do right now” can cut the strings of the loop & redirect your thoughts to more positive ones that are beneficial for your present circumstances.

Reprogram your subconscious mind to the mindset that will set you free to enjoy an abundant life. My neck tattoo says, “what the enemy can’t destroy he’ll distract”. I’ve lived by this quote from Michael Todd to help me practice mindfulness. I am not my thoughts. I am not my emotions. All it takes is the willingness to center yourself to positive thoughts & emotions, for they are already there because we are a frequency of love.


micayla <3

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