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Memories Back Then

In the midst of figuring it out, we saw the differences and similarities of the bigger picture we made ourselves to be. Some work together and some against each other but it made it worthwhile. Not everything that glitters is gold, and some gold is worth more than the value placed on it. We deserved better circumstances. What we had wasn’t a disaster, but the tornados that tore through caused damage that was seemingly harder to repair. Whether or not we regain a stronger foundation, the tower needed to crash in order to see where repair was needed to begin with.

All the while, I loved you. Most are afraid of the reality of that emotion but my love was never intended to bring any negative emotions. It was intended to fill your soul with light, and weightless laughter. The moments shared where things were just fine, and the ones where it seemed to collide, the love was still there, where it will always remain. I gave it to you to have forever because it isn’t something I can take back. It isn’t tangible, it isn't in the material. It’s in the way it felt. We weren’t in love but it was love. One sided or reciprocated, confusion, disappointment and despair included. The bad times never last as long as the good memories. The good of it all feels better in our memories anyway.

- teyeshai

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