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Mental Mission Challenge Week 2 @444themental

Mental Mission Challenge @444themental

4 weeks, 4 focuses, 4 you

to help build discipline, a relationship with self, and consistency that can be transmuted into any task you see fit

August is 444…

  • week one (1st-7th): affirmations

  • week two (8th-14th): mental manifestations

  • week three (15th-21st): procrastination

  • week four (22nd-28th): action and accountability

  • *29th-31st: self reflection*


  • Entry per story tag of you participating in the MM challenge prompts and activities

  • Must tag #MMGIVEAWAY @444themental to have a valid entry

  • Winners chosen at random at the end of every week

  • The participant with the most entries by August 31st will be the winner of a planned self care day for you to treat yourself to (will include different tasks to do throughout your day & self-care necessities).

Week Two: Mental Manifestations

[Day 8]

What is your goal for this week? Write it out as if it is already accomplished.

[Day 9 and 10]

Create a manifestation board (You will need a board or poster, sticky notes, and whatever else you’d like to use to add some creativity and personalize your board!) One side should say “Manifestations” and the other “Congratulations!”. Write your goals and manifestations on the sticky notes and add them to your “Manifestations” side. As you accomplish them, move them over to the other side. This is a great way to help you physically see progress, even if you’re moving simple tasks/goals over!

[Day 11]

Our current circumstances are a manifestation of our thoughts and actions! Looking at your life right now, what are some positive things that you manifested into your reality? How can you express gratitude for these manifestations you’ve already attracted?

[Day 12]

Create a vision board by making a Pinterest board or photo collage of images that reflect your vision, goals, and desires for the rest of 2021.

[Day 13]

New can’t enter your life until you make room for it. What are some old things (mindsets, relationships, limiting beliefs, old habits, physical clutter, etc.) that you need to let go of to make room for an abundance of blessings?

[Day 14]

If fear, worries, and self-doubt didn’t exist, how would your life look? Who would your friends be? What type of relationship would you be in? What career or path would you pursue? What would your usual day and routine look like? Envision every area of your life like success is guaranteed. Get specific OR focus on exactly what feeling you want to feel on the daily.

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