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Mental Mission Challenge Week 3: Tackling Procrastination!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Mental Mission Challenge @444themental

4 weeks, 4 focuses, 4 you

to help build discipline, a relationship with self, and consistency that can be transmuted into any task you see fit

August is 444…

  • week one (1st-7th): affirmations

  • week two (8th-14th): mental manifestations

  • week three (15th-21st): procrastination

  • week four (22nd-28th): action and accountability

  • *29th-31st: self reflection*


  • Entry per story tag of you participating in the MM challenge prompts and activities

  • Must tag #MMGIVEAWAY @444themental to have a valid entry

  • Winners chosen at random at the end of every week

  • The participant with the most entries by August 31st will be the winner of a planned self care day for you to treat yourself to (will include different tasks to do throughout your day & self-care necessities).

Week Three: Procrastination

[Day 15]

Respond to the open question on @444themental story. Drop a song that motivates you to get up and get sh*t done! (There will be a playlist made of all the songs added for you to vibe to the rest of August.)

[Day 16-17]

Write a list of things that have constantly been put off. Come up with a plan of action (how you’ll approach completing these tasks or put them in order of importance to help you start completing them).

[Day 18]

Some of us procrastinate, not because we’re lazy, but because we don’t know where to start. What is your reason for procrastination and where is it rooted? (Is it rooted in fear or genuine disinterest in the tasks? Is it because you actually need rest?)

[Day 19]

Make 2 lists, to-do NOW and to-do LATER. (Your top priorities go Now, so you can move into what’s to come Later, without the weight of lingering responsibilities)

[Day 20]

What qualities in yourself do you believe are holding you back? Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and the actions you’ve made up until this point. What are some things you could change or adjust that could help you reach the intended life outcome you want?

[Day 21]

Many of us let our emotions control our productivity. We’ll let one thing ruin our entire day, big or small. Write this procrastination affirmation: “My emotions fluctuate but my vision doesn’t.” as a reminder to not do based on how you feel in one moment, do based on what you know you’re meant to fulfill outside of your emotions.

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