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Mental Mission Challenge Week 4: Action & Accountability

Mental Mission Challenge @444themental

4 weeks, 4 focuses, 4 you

to help build discipline, a relationship with self, and consistency that can be transmuted into any task you see fit

August is 444…

  • week one (1st-7th): affirmations

  • week two (8th-14th): mental manifestations

  • week three (15th-21st): procrastination

  • week four (22nd-28th): action and accountability

  • *29th-31st: self reflection*


  • Entry per story tag of you participating in the MM challenge prompts and activities

  • Must tag #MMGIVEAWAY @444themental to have a valid entry

  • Winners chosen at random at the end of every week

  • The participant with the most entries by August 31st will be the winner of a planned self care day for you to treat yourself to (will include different tasks to do throughout your day & self-care necessities).

Week Four: Action and Accountability

[Day 22]

Although we may be dealing with trauma caused by others, we are accountable for our healing and peace in those situations. Try shifting your perspective for today. What are the things you gained/learned from situations that have caused damage?

[Day 23]

Attempt 3 difficult yoga poses. Write their names and their meanings. In what ways were these poses challenging for you mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually? (Comment what yoga poses you did under the post on @444themental feed)

[Day 24]

Healthy boundaries are necessary. What boundaries should you set in place to create balance in your friendships, relationships, & with yourself?

[Day 25]

Today, we want you to spend at least 15 minutes outside in direct sunlight! Take a brief walk around your neighborhood. Go outside and paint, sketch or journal/free write. Enjoy a picnic with a few friends or family members. This could be in your own backyard or at your local park! It doesn’t matter what activity you’d like to do, but get up and get outside for 15 minutes today!

[Day 26]

What grudges are you holding? Why have you not been able to let those things go and forgive? Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself for past mistakes or to someone you haven’t actually been able to forgive yet (you don’t have to share it with them; you’re not apologizing for their sake, but for yourself). Rid your mind and heart to be able to move forward fully & make room for newness.

[Day 27]

Tonight, we eat like royals. Our food will be home cooked with love and intention ONLY. Fill your wine glass up with fresh ice water. Turn on that playlist that sets you in a calming, relaxed mood. Let’s cook! (Join us on live via @444themental to cook with us & chat about actions you can take to do things with focus and intention. A testimony from Sarai, “I feel better because I know what I’ve made. I feel better because I was disciplined enough to complete the task. I feel loved because I took that time for myself.”)

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